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Antoine Godin: If it really is a soulmate, it really is not intended to end, suitable? It doesn’t transpire two times in a life time.
如果真的是靈魂伴侶,這段關係不應該會停止的,對吧? 也不應該出現兩個不同的人,不是嗎…

La médium: The assembly of twin flames is when the soul finds its other 50 % on the path homeward, to the resource. The cycle of reincarnation ends. It is really the closing romance that potential customers to unity.
雙生火焰的相遇,是靈魂在回歸的路上找到了屬於自己的另外一半。至此輪迴終將結束,兩個靈魂得以邁向完整永恆。 at?v=I_RBoAtO7qw at?v=kwnFsm27ByU

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